Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Price: ₹2,999 - ₹1,199.00
(as of Nov 14,2023 00:06:24 UTC – Details)

Caution: Please check the platform size before ordering any scale as prices & utility of weighing scales are primarily based on the size of the weighing platform of the scale. This scale has small pan & is not suitable for shops and best suitable for home, office, parcel weighing and internal purposes.
Weighing platform measures 18 x 22 Centimetres, Maximum weighing capacity upto 30kgs, Accuracy 1g, Best suitable for 5-10kgs weighing as it has small pan size.
Minimum weight it can weigh is 6 grams, after it the accuracy (step of weighing) will be 1g upto 30kgs.Very long battery backup upto 400 hours in one set of AA cells. It has an adapter also for using it with mains supply. Please note, the adapter is for using scale with direct electricity only, it will not charge the Scale.
Multipurpose scale. Used for weighing all general items like grocery, dry fruits, industrial products etc. Can also be used for weighing general items in homes, offices, warehouses and factories.
Package contents: Weighing Scale, power adapter (not for charging, only for using with direct electricity), AA batteries (replaceable)
Care instructions: Please remove polethene cover of scale before weighing. Always put it on a flat surface and avoid weighing under direct wind of fan. Remove adapter connection from scale first for using it with cells.

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