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Bumtum Baby Diaper Pants, Medium Size, 72 Count, Double Layer Leakage Protection Infused With Aloe Vera, Cottony Soft High Absorb Technology (Pack of 1)

Price: ₹1,249 - ₹399.00
(as of Nov 02, 2023 19:46:32 UTC – Details)

Your babies require utmost care & protection during their growth. Your little one’s sin is very soft and sensitive so it needs a special care & attention every day. The Bumtum baby diaper pants uniquely designed to keep your baby comfortable in the day as well as night. It is made with cottony soft breathable, non-woven material which ensures a comfy experience.
BUMTUM PANT-STYLE DIAPERS: are uniquely curated to keep your baby’s day & night full of comfort and materialized with cottony soft, breathable, and non-woven material that ensures a cosy experience.
COTTONY SOFT FABRIC:- Bumtum Diaper pants, fabricated with cottony soft material are soft & gentle on baby’s skin for regular usage. The top layer designed with a diamond pattern creates a larger absorbing area & uniformly spreads the liquid for easy & fast absorption.
LEAKPROOF:- There is nothing to worry about leakage with the double and bubble layer cuff used in the Bumtum diaper that snugly fits your baby without any discomfort. HIGH ABSORBENCY:- The large absorbing area of the pad ensures maximum dryness for the baby. It can hold up to 7 glasses of liquid, where 1 glass is equal to 50 ml.
EXTRA THIN CORE: It is designed to give Superior Absorbency and keep your Little Angel’s skin Dry all day long. It is made with Ultra Soft Airfresh Material & a 360 Degree soft elastic band to keep your little one’s delicate skin far from diaper rashes. The advanced double leak protection has made it the most preferred diaper pants.

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