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Cello Checkers Pet Plastic Airtight Canister Set | Food grade and BPA free canisters | Durable & Shatterproof Body |Air tight seal & Stackable | Free from any kind of odor | Transparent | 300ml x 6, 650ml x 6, 1200 x 6, Set of 18

Price: ₹1,119 - ₹548.00
(as of Nov 14, 2023 06:28:23 UTC – Details)

cello checkers
Durable & Shatterproof: Built to withstand the demands of everyday use, these canisters are both durable and shatterproof. Rest assured, they can handle the rigors of a busy kitchen without breaking.
Food-Grade and BPA-Free: The Cello Checkers Canister Set is made from food-grade PET plastic, ensuring the safety of your stored ingredients. These canisters are also free from BPA (Bisphenol A), a harmful chemical often found in plastics.
Odor-Free Storage: These canisters are designed to be free from any kind of odor retention. Your stored items will remain untainted by external odors, ensuring the purity of your ingredients.
Versatile Usage: Ideal for storing a wide range of dry food items, these canisters are versatile additions to your kitchen. Use them for pasta, rice, coffee beans, sugar, flour, snacks, and more.

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