Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Price: ₹108 - ₹77.00
(as of Nov 24,2023 11:36:10 UTC – Details)

Cutting edge means more than just the razor-sharp blade of a perfectly honed knife. It stands for innovation, for taking something traditional and re-inventing it, be it a knife or a recipe. This is what makes our products such great companions for every day’s adventures.
Capable of mincing, household, peeling & cutting, these household knives are for both professional chefs and at-home cooks. They are also conveniently compact and easy-to-use.
These High Carbon Stainless Steel blades are a result of a right alloy mix, making it flexible and hence it does not break during use. Our steel is 100% recycled.
Long Lasting Cutting Edge Easy Handling with Comfort Quality Stainless Steel Knife

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