Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

Price: ₹650 - ₹313.00
(as of Nov 15,2023 02:23:49 UTC – Details)

This Victory Gym Belt can also be used for back problems.This Gym Belt has an ergonomic design with soft padding that feels gentle when you strap it on. This ultra Gym Belt can also be used to relieve back problems that one generally experiences during old age.These gym belts have a dye cut design that makes it attractive to look at.
Body Construction: Crafted from quality, durable materials, our weightlifting gym belt is built to withstand rigorous training sessions. The sturdy construction ensures it won’t wear out or lose its shape over time.
Wrist and Hand Protection: The boxing hand wraps provide essential support and protection to your wrists and hands, reducing the risk of sprains, fractures, and other injuries during combat sports training.
Enhanced Grip Strength: Improve your hand strength, finger dexterity, and wrist stability with our hand grips. Whether you’re an athlete looking to enhance your performance or someone seeking relief from hand discomfort, these grips are versatile and effective.
Versatile Use: This gym belt and Hand Wrap & Hand Bandage is suitable for a wide range of strength training exercises, including squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and more. It’s an essential tool for powerlifting, bodybuilding, and general fitness training.

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