Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

BEMPU Health Monitor Pumpkin Bracelet for Babies
Price: ₹2,990 - ₹2,450.00
(as of Nov 20, 2023 12:18:50 UTC – Details)

The BEMPU TempWatch is a temperature monitoring bracelet for newborns. If your baby is cold at any time (hypothermic) it alerts you with an intuitive audio-visual alarm. This enables you to warm your baby before any hypoglycemia, hypoxia, poor growth or injury can occur.
MONITOR YOUR BABY 24/7 FOR 30 DAYS: The device provides continuous monitoring with a built in battery which lasts an entire month. Hypothermia often happens at night, but we’ve got you covered!
EASY & SAFE TO USE: The BEMPU TempWatch is simple in design and can be used without any training. It is made from 100% medical grade silicon rubber.
TRUSTED ACROSS THE WORLD: The TempWatch was among TIME Magazine’s Top Inventions of 2017 and is used by UNICEF and neonatologists around the world.

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