Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

DeWire Home Automation Remote Controlled Switches (Fan Regulator & Light + 4 Channel Switch (Combo))
Price: ₹3,999 - ₹1,499.00
(as of Nov 01, 2023 23:54:43 UTC – Details)

Dewire Remote Controller Switch is a premium product that comes with 7-step Fan Regulator unit & 4 channel switch which is used to control appliances via Remote as well as directly from switch board.
MODULAR PLATES SUPPORTED:- DeWire Switch can be fit in your existing switch plates it can be fitted on Anchor Roma Classic,Anchor Rider, Crabtree Thames, Vanart, ,Hifi ,GreatWhite, Fiana, Erik, Pritam, Western Vega, Vehan ,Airson or similar modular plates.
MODULAR PLATES NOT SUPPORTED:- This switch will NOT FIT in Legrand, Schneider, Norosis, Goldmedal, GM, Crabtree Ethina or Philips modular plates.
OPERATING VOLTAGE : 180-240V AC, Frequency : 50 Hz.(Sine wave))
LOAD CAPACITY : Fan – 100, Light -60W, 4 Loads – 150W/Channel . GUARANTY : One Year full replacement

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