Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

HomeOne Technologies- IR Blaster- Home Automation Device operates All Infrared Devices: TV, AC, Set-top Box, Music Player
Price: ₹6,499 - ₹5,715.00
(as of Nov 20, 2023 04:11:16 UTC – Details)

IR Blaster is a smart device that controls all IR (Infra-red) appliances includes TV, AC, set-top box, music player, and many more. IR Blaster can connect up to 20 infrared appliances or devices and you can operate all, anytime from anywhere using our smart app on your smartphone. IR Blaster can connect with Google Nest and Amazon Echo Dot to operate your non-smart appliances on voice command, so now no need to buy new smart products. You can set usage operations according to your inputs in our app. IR Blaster is a universal remote for all infrared appliances, so you can change your TV channels, AC temperature, music playlist, and many more, using your smartphone. Automate your home on a budget with the smart technology of HomeOne Technologies.
Activate child mode to keep your children usage at bay
360º coverage for all your appliances
Control your rooms all appliances using voice command
Long-range operation helping to cover super-large spaces
Connect any IR operated device via smartphone and control using the in-built remote controller
Provides real-time updates to your smartphones as soon as the device is activated

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