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Multipurpose Kitchen Serving Food Storing Glass Mixing Bowl Set – Mixing is an integral part of any type of cooking and the lack of proper mixing utensils in your kitchen can often spoil the entire recipe. With the Borosilicate mixing bowl, you can avoid such instances. Representing a blend of features, utility and style, the mixing bowl is a must have accessory for every kitchen. Incorporating a high quality design, the glass mixing bowl makes it easy for you to churn out a uniform mixture in a matter of a few minutes. As it made of borosilicate glass, it can be easily cleaned in dishwashers. Large Capacity to Mix Food Items Made of superior quality glass, this mixing bowl comes with high durability, making it a value for money choice. This Decent Size mixing bowl is completely transparent. This transparency further comes in handy when you are mixing. Ideally, this bowl can be used for mixing salads, making the batter of cakes, cookies, brownies, etc. You can mix decent quantities of materials in this bowl. Good for Cooking & Baking as well. Safe to use in the microwave, oven, fridge, freezer and dishwasher. Do’s and Don’ts 1. Can be used in a microwave or electric oven. Not for use over direct flame 2. Pre-heat convection oven before use for best results 3. Do not put the hot dish on a cold or wet surface 4. Allow the hot dish to cool slightly before adding any cold liquid to the food 5. Allow dishes with very hot food to reach room temperature before putting it into the fridge/freezer 6. Do not use abrasive cleaners to ensure that glass stays scratch-free 7. Do not use plastic lids in the microwave Available in Following Sizes: 500 ML , 600 ML, 1200 ml, 2500 ml
Big Size Premium toughened glass, non porous odors Free and stain resistant Mixing Serving Microwave safe Bowl.
Microwave Safe || Oven Proof || Freezer Proof
Gives your kitchen a modern and stylish look with 100-percent food grade and microwave safe, B.P.A free. Ideal for mixing and Serving
Color: Transparent, Material: Glass , Ideal for House Parties and Daily Use in Serving Food , Fruits, microwave Re-heating

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