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Luusa TFT RX-500 Plug N Play Trike / Baby Tricycle with Parental Control , Cushion seat and seat Belt for 12 Months to 48 Months Boys / Girls / Carrying Capacity Upto 30kgs(Red) Proudly MADE IN INDIA
Price: ₹3,699 - ₹2,249.00
(as of Nov 20, 2023 17:18:19 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer




The most Pocket Friendly Tricycle on Amazon . You know why ? It’s completely Made In India.



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2. After sales service even after the Return window expires. Every spare part is available to be shipped across India in case your little ones

break them

3. Seat Belt : Kid’s safety is our utmost priority. Seat belt comes as standard in all the Luusa products.

4.Parental Control : No more backaches and running behind the kids !! Control their total movement.

5. Cushion Seat : Super comfy aesthetically designed cushion seat.

6. Sipper : Perfect for cold and Normal water

7. Storage Space : To keep your wallet , or keys , a toy maybe or a Mobile phone.

8. Rubber Wheels : Superior grip on all sorts of surfaces , be it rough roads or Italian marble.

And Many More…..

Multipurpose Tricycle


A very thoughtful design made by the R&D Team , keeping in mind the growth an frequent requirement for a new cycle after every year or two.

Why to invest on a Tricycle again when the same can be used even for a grown up kid. Luusa Rx-500 is perfect for 1 – 4 year old kids with Removable Footrest , Parental control and Seat belt .

The seat of the RX-500 is made of special material , aesthetically designed for the comfort , freedom and provides Protection from Allergy.

Every Tricycle comes with the Seat Belt as Standard.

This is one of the most important feature that most companies fail to comply.

A Complete peace of mind for the parents.


dimesionsdimesions Biggest in it’s Category

When it comes to Size , Rx-500 is one of the biggest and strongest Tricycle with 79 cm in Length and 85 cm in Height.

Cushioned Seat with Safety Belt

Aesthetically Designed for superior comfort keeping in mind the safety as well. The Seat belt does the same work what a seat belt does in any Mode of Transport. Helps the most when the kid is small and unable to sit properly. It really supports them to sit in the proper position and holds them without any pain.

Soft and Comfortable Allergy protection High Quality Foam Used One Click Protection

SAFETY FEATURES: The most important part, the SEAT BELT which comes as standard in all our Tricycles. Secondly, the Tricycle is based on (ZED) ZERO EDGE DESIGN PLATFORM
STORAGE SPACE: Dual storage space to keep stuff for kids, be it sipper, stuff toys, mobile phones etc
FOLD-ABLE FOOTREST: The Footrest is both Fold-able and Rotate-able which can be adjusted as per the need
CUSHIONED PARENTAL CONTROL: Not just Parents, now even Elder Siblings can move the Tricycle

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