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Product Description

Magicook baking and parchment paperMagicook baking and parchment paper

Magicook White Baking Paper and parchment paperMagicook White Baking Paper and parchment paper

Magicook white baking paperMagicook white baking paper

Magicook Baking Paper

Versatile & Genuine

It can be used in Microwave/OvenLine baking tray, lasagna dish, dhokla, or idli pan to prevent stickingIt can also be used on Gas StoveYou can line your pan with it, to fry or saute vegetablesIt can be used in wrapping vegetables & Leftover dishes.
Made from 100% Organic wood pulp. Nonstick baking paper temperature resistance is from -68° F to 450° F, you can find it everywhere in the kitchen whether in the freezer, microwave or air fryer, etc.

Brown Baking Paper - Green and healthyBrown Baking Paper - Green and healthy

Magicook WhiteMagicook White

Magicook whiteMagicook white

Magicook WhiteMagicook White

Healthy & Non-Toxic

Magicook Baking paper is made up from 100% organic wood pulp, it is totally fluorescent free, and it doesn’t pollute environment it bio degrades within 90 days.

Multi Purpose

Apart from being a baking paper. it has heat resistance from -68° F to 450° F, so it can also be used in the freezer, microwave or air fryer.

Use the sheets for baking, roasting, reheating, and wrapping leftovers. It’s completely safe for your health.

Easy to Use

It comes with different width & sizes, which fits the most standard baking pans.

You can cut the paper size as you need for baking, air fryer, and food wrapping.

Each roll is packed in a sturdy box , whenever you want just need to take the roll out and cut into sheets

Healthy & Organic

Magicook Products are carefully crafted to have the least environmental impact possible,

while at the same time, delivering the highest quality products no harmful chemicals, aluminum or plastic is used.

Magicook baking and parchment paper for ovenMagicook baking and parchment paper for oven

Magicook baking and parchment paper for gas stoveMagicook baking and parchment paper for gas stove

Magicook baking and parchment paper for electric grillerMagicook baking and parchment paper for electric griller

Magicook WhiteMagicook White

Magicook WhiteMagicook White

Magicook cook WhiteMagicook cook White

Magicook WhiteMagicook White


Strong heat resistant

Keep your utensils and equipments clean

Non-stick & do not need excessive oiling

Magicook WhiteMagicook White

From the Manufacturer

Magicook Baking Paper, unique in its category, strong, and chemical-free.

Whether you are baking cookies, cakes, pizza, or anything else, the use of baking paper is a must. With this, you can easily cook/ bake a large variety of recipes.

It is not just baking paper, you can use it on the Gas stove or in the freezer, also it is economical, & the first choice for all cooking enthusiasts

There is no need for unnecessary greasing It is heat resistant up to 230 deg Celcius Reduces the clean up time,. Also, it is Non-stick, doesn’t stick to your recipe.

EASY TO TEAR: Heavy duty paper roll, measuring exactly 12 inches by 1 meters. Easily cut into different sizes as per your needs with the help of sturdy metal cutter inside the box
MULTI-PURPOSE: Do you think baking paper is only used for baking? NO! Our baking paper temperature resistance is from -68℉ to 45℉, so you can use it everywhere like freezer, microwave, electric grill, air fryer or even kadhai

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