Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Price: ₹4,400 - ₹2,549.00
(as of Nov 25,2023 23:39:11 UTC – Details)

At the Indus Valley we believe in providing absolutely safest utensils to help in your healthy journey
💊 ENRICHES FOOD WITH IRON – Adds iron content to your meals that helps fight iron deficiency. Truly healthy cookware!
👨‍🍳 NATURALLY NON-STICK – No food sticking. PRE-SEASONED with 100% vegetable oil
😋 MAKES FOOD TASTIER – Makes your dishes more delicious with a distinct flavour
💰 MONEY SAVING INVESTMENT – Quick cooking. Saves fuel up to ₹1200 per year. Lasts for decades.
🍽️ MULTI-PURPOSE COOKWARE – Effortlessly cook your favourite dishes. Suitable for gas and induction stoves, OTGs & campfires.
🌟 SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE – Cooks faster. Saves gas. Best in even heating and heat retention that gives excellent cooking results consistently.

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