Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Price: ₹999 - ₹399.00
(as of Jan 29,2024 07:29:24 UTC – Details)

This colourful stylish hand-crocheted rattle is perfect for little hands to hold and provides a gentle and soothing rattle sound for a baby’s hearing. The handle provides baby with plenty of perfect opportunities to grasp and hold. It conforms with the strict child-safety standards and is safe for new- born. The crochet exterior is soft and safe for baby’s sensitive skin. The colours, textures and shape spark tactile, and visual stimulation. This rattle toy is 100% baby safe. Gender neutral colours makes it perfect for both boys & girls. No batteries, no plastic used. Learning made fun: This rattle toy provides tactile, sensory and visual stimulation.
Rattle Sound: When the rattle is shaken or moved, it produces a gentle sound that engages babies and stimulates their auditory senses.
Sensory Development: The combination of the beech wood ring’s smooth texture, the softness of the crochet rattle, and the sound produced by the rattle, all contribute to sensory development. Babies can explore different sensations through touch, sight, and sound, promoting their fine motor skills and cognitive development.
Safe and Non-Toxic: They are made using child-friendly material and techniques, ensuring safety during playtime.
Made in India: The local artisans pour their hearts and expertise into hand knitting to bring happiness to your little one

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