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Price: ₹4,999 - ₹2,999.00
(as of Nov 26,2023 23:16:19 UTC – Details)

Finding a perfect place for your child to rest is quite difficult. However, with this VParents baby bassinet cradle with cot, you can now rest assured that your child will be comfortable. The best part about this bassinet cradle is that it can be used not just as a bassinet but also as a swing. This cradle is made of sturdy material and makes a good a resting place for your baby. This baby cradle is ideal for baby boy/baby girl.
COMFORTABLE AND SAFE: The VParents New Born Baby Cradle Swing provides a cozy and secure sleeping environment for your newborn. It comes with a soft mattress that ensures your baby’s comfort during sleep. The swing is designed with safety features to keep your baby secure and prevent any accidents.
MOSQUITO NET PROTECTION: The baby cradle comes with a mosquito net, providing protection against insects and bugs. This netting ensures a safe and peaceful sleep for your baby, without the worry of mosquito bites or other flying pests disturbing their rest.
EASY ASSEMBLY: The VParents New Born Baby Cradle Swing is designed for hassle-free assembly. It comes with clear instructions and all the necessary tools, making the setup process quick and straightforward. You can easily assemble the cradle without the need for any additional tools or professional assistance, allowing you to provide a comfortable sleeping space for your baby in no time.
DURABLE AND STURDY: The New Born Baby Cradle Swing is built to last. It is made from quality materials that are durable and sturdy, ensuring the safety and longevity of the cradle. You can trust that this swing will withstand regular use and provide a reliable sleeping solution for your baby.The baby cradle can be used by children under 12 months or 10 kgs which meets earlier.

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