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cradle hangercradle hanger

cradlecradle Triangle & Straight Spring

Made of stainless steel Super strong and have the capacity to hold up to 15 kgs, Durable and portable Instructions: product is for born and babies up to 2 years. Do not use it for children and adult swings as the spring will get damaged. This product is super strong with a capacity, Very durable and excellent finish.

Window Cradle Hanger

Window Cradle Hanger is made of heavy metal that can be used to hang your baby cradle; which can be used in any room of your house.

You can fix this cradle hook on any window; whether it is in the bedroom or dining hall.

No nails; screws required for installation. No need to drill your concrete room roof for your baby cradle. Our product is for apartments; hospitals and homes. Easy to carry & Comfortable Knob

A Value Added Product


Swing cradles can be a valuable tool in easing the challenges of parenting, it’s essential to ensure that the cradle is used safely and according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The main feature of a baby swing cradle is its ability to gently swing the baby back and forth or side to side. The motion is designed to mimic the comforting movement a baby experiences in the womb or when being held by a caregiver.VParents Swing cradles are often smaller than full-sized cribs, making them a suitable option for families with limited living space. This can be especially helpful in apartments or smaller homes.

Hands Free Time For Parents

swing cradleswing cradle

Placing the baby in the swing cradle allows parents to have some hands-free time to attend to household chores or take a short break while knowing that the baby is safe and content. Some babies may find it easier to fall asleep in a swing cradle due to the comforting motion, leading to improved sleep patterns for both the baby and parents.

For parents working from home, a swing cradle provides a safe and soothing place for the baby while they focus on their work tasks. It allows them to attend to work-related responsibilities with reduced interruptions.

The gentle swinging motion of the cradle can help soothe a fussy or restless baby, making it easier for parents to calm their little one and promote better sleep. There is a Mosquito Net To Protect Your Baby From Mosquito/Bug Bites.

An Export Quality Spring Set is also there along with a hanger for ventilation which can be tied in the cradle. The Cradle Is Specially Designed In Such A Way That The Attached Bed Holds Your Baby Perfectly And Reduces The Risks Of Choking Which Happens In Traditional Jhula.

swing cradleswing cradle

washable cradlewashable cradle

 cradle cradle

Fluffy, Comfortable & Quality Material

A Long Premium Quality Skin Friendly Fabric Cradle Where Your Baby Can Sleep Comfortably. The gentle incline of these swing cradles can be beneficial for babies who experience acid reflux or spitting up, providing them with a more comfortable sleep position.

Easily Washable

Able to wash in a washing machine without getting damaged whenever the baby urinates. Keep the mosquito net aside and wash it separately. There may be some health benefits associated with using reusable cradles, especially for infants with skin conditions such as rashes.

Easy Portability

These are lightweight, making it easy for parents to move the cradle from one room to another without disturbing the baby’s sleep. This mobility can be particularly useful in a household with multiple rooms.

A simple Cradle Makes a Huge Impact On daily Life


Life with a Baby Cradle:

Comfort and Safety: A baby cradle provides a secure and cosy environment for the baby to sleep. The gentle rocking motion can help soothe the baby and promote better sleep.Convenience: Parents can keep the baby’s cradle close to their bed, making nighttime feedings and comforting easier and more accessible.Hands-Free Time: With a baby cradle, parents can put their baby down for naps or short periods, giving them some much-needed hands-free time to attend to other tasks or rest.Mobility: Some baby cradles are designed with wheels, allowing parents to move the cradle from one room to another without disturbing the baby’s sleep.Space Management: Cradles are generally smaller than cribs, making them suitable for families with limited living space.

Life without a Baby Cradle:

More Physical Contact: Without a baby cradle, parents may find themselves holding their baby more often, which can be rewarding and tiring.Sleep Arrangements: The baby might share the bed with the parents or sleep in a separate crib or bassinet. This could affect parental sleep patterns and comfort.Limited Mobility: Without a cradle, parents might need to carry the baby while doing household chores or other tasks, which can be physically demanding.Transition to a Crib: Skipping the cradle phase might lead to an earlier transition to a crib, which can be a significant change for the baby.




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Package Contain:-Baby cradle with Attached bed and zip at head side for safety,Mosquito net with zip from below ,1 triangle shape Sturdy spring to create space for free air flow and Window Hanging Metal Rod.
Lightweight , versatile, Easy to shift from room to room and requires very less Place to store or to keep after use.
Machine Washable,Detachable, can be used indoor and Outdoor, Requires low maintanance
Available colours are Pink ,Blue,Peach – Age Rcommended 0 – 6 Months -Carry Capacity – upto 15 Kgs – Dimension -L-80*B-40*H-120 CM

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